Program Guide

For COUPLES and INDIVIDUALS… PRIVATE Lessons can be used for a Couple learning together or Individuals dancing with their instructor.  GROUP Classes are discounted for the partner and can be combined with other programs for further discounts.

Ballroom Programs

Social: The social aspect of dancing, such as Salsa, Bachata, Hustle, Swing, and Merengue. Learn to dance, dance with a friend, or Loved one. Prepares you to be comfortable in any dance style and boost your confidence. Get ready to look forward to every weekend to go out dancing. No one puts baby in the corner : )

Beginner: The beginning of our dance program. Focus on 6 dances and feel comfortable on the dance floor and future performances.

Competitive: Start your training in the competitive ballroom side. Focus on variety of dance style from Smooth, Rhythm, Cabaret, and International. Prepare for dance competitions and shows.


Putting it all together…

For Social and Beginner dancers we recommend combining Group Classes and Private Lessons to accelerate your progress.  You can choose your level of commitment.

Competitive dancers will benefit greatly from dancing several times a week in Private Lessons, Group Classes and Practice on your own.  We will fit your program to your availability.  

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